Cross Country

The PDCPSSC gives all students the access to their level of competition for cross country.

Every school has its own cross country carnival as an annual event in some form. These cater for the serious runners at least and each school offers a different format for this event. Please check with your own school for details of this event.

Cross Country Overview

School Cross Country

The first 6 place getters in each age group from your school's cross country will be eligible to compete at the Diocesan Cross Country as long as they qualify within the times.

Note: 8/9 years and 12/13 years are a combined age group.

Cross Country Age Categories and Distances

Age Group Distance Qualifying Time - Guide only
8/9 Years combined age group 2km must be completed within 13 mins
10 Years 2km must be completed within 13 mins
11 Years 3km must be completed within 17 mins
12/13 Years combined age group 3km must be completed within 17 mins
ACME All age groups 2km must be completed within 14 mins

Diocesan Cross Country

Tuesday 1st May 2018 - Sydney Motor Sport Park, Eastern Creek.

This year the Diocesan Cross Country will be a Primary carnival at Eastern Creek.

The first 8 places in each event will be eligible to compete at the NSWCPS Cross Country.

Parramatta Diocesan PRIMARY Cross Country Order of Events 2018

Parramatta Diocese Primary Cross Country Championships
Rules and Regulations
  • Entry is available to any CEDP Primary affiliated school student who runs at their school cross country within the qualifying time.
  • Each school may enter a maximum of 6 competitors and up to 2 reserves in an age group. The first 4 competitors from each school count in the final team point score for each event.
  • All competitors MUST wear shoes. Spiked shoes are not permitted.
  • Spectators and coaches are not permitted to run alongside competitors at any time.
Entry Lists
  • Any withdrawal sheets must be at the registration table in the Hinxman Room by 8am.
  • No changes will be accepted on the day of the carnival.
Walk the Course
  • All runners are advised to walk the course.
Course Markings
  • No runner is to alter the course markings and any runners caught doing so may be disqualified.
  • Runners are advised to keep the course markings on their right whilst running
Competitors Numbers
  • All competitors are to have their Competitor number worn on the front of their shirt/singlet. These numbers are distributed to Team Managers on the day.
  • Schools are not to alter the numbers listed in the program, even if runners are absent.
Before Each Race
  • Runner should assemble in the marshalling area at least 10-15 minutes before each race.
  • All races will start as per program sequences and time.
  • Start and Finish areas are the same for all races.
  • Team Managers MUST ensure that each runner is wearing their correct competitor number.
After Each Race
  • Each runner will be given a place card as they cross the finishing line.
  • They continue to the recording table where their name will be recorded and points allocated.
  • The first 8 placed runners will report to the Hinxman Room (upstairs) presentation area where they will receive their information package for the NSWCPSCCC Cross Country Championships.
Point Score
  • Points will be allocated as follows: 1st = 1 point, 2nd = 2 points,… 30th = 30 points etc.
  • Where a school fails to field four runners in an event or where less than four runners finish the course, missing runners will be allocated last place + 1 point.
  • In the event of a tie in the team awards such ties will be split by the runners finishing position. Higher finishing places will be the determining factor in a tie.
  • In the event of a school not entering a team in any age group then they shall be awarded maximum points. That is last place + one times four.
Race Conduct
  • All competitors must wear appropriate running attire, that is school sports uniform.
  • No interference with other runners is allowed.
  • No athlete may compete with a portable music device i.e. iPod or similar devices.
  • Can only be lodged by the Team Manager (Protests by parents or runners will not be considered) and must be lodged in writing within 15 minutes of that race finishing.
  • All protests will be dealt with by the carnival convenor, PDCPSSC Executive Officer, 2 neutral course supervisors or a neutral sports coordinator, if necessary.
  • Winning competitors will receive their pennants on the day.
  • Individuals will be presented will packages for the NSWCPSCCC Cross Country Championships.
Clean Up
  • All school areas should be cleaned after the carnival, garbage bags and bins will be provided.

NSWCPS Cross Country Championships

Friday 15th June 2018 - Sydney Motor Sport Park, Eastern Creek.

The first six (6) place-getters from each event will be qualify in the MacKillop Team to compete at the NSWPSSA Cross Country.

NSWCPSCCC XC Event order 2017

NSWPSSA Cross Country Championships

Friday 27th July 2018 - Sydney Motor Sport Park, Eastern Creek
NSW All Schools 2017_Program_of_events

For further information contact Margaret Thornton.

The list of Parramatta Cross Country representatives will be updated for 2018.

The list of MacKillop Cross Country representatives will be updated for 2018.

The list of NSWPSSA Cross country representatives will be updated for 2018.